Blazing Hot Walk-Up Attic Fixed

Completion date: March 22, 2017

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

The owner of this Eugene home now knows why the previous owner listed the house for sale in winter — the attic was 95 degrees in the summer! It also made the rest of her house miserably hot. She wanted to utilize this attic space for storage of books and photos, but those temperatures would damage these items. She told us she actually broke down and cried one day when she came home from work to a blazing hot house. Then when winter came, it was hard to keep the house warm.

Her boyfriend wanted to buy foam boards at the hardware store and nail them to the underside of the attic roof. She knew about blow-in insulation and wanted to check in to that solution, so she contacted us for an energy evaluation.


While performing the no-cost, no-obligation evaluation at her home, our Certified Energy Consultant and owner Josh Lowe found that the attic definitely lacked adequate insulation. To make matters worse, no air sealing had been done to the attic. These were causing the house to be uncomfortable in both winter and summer.

The best solution for this scenario was closed cell spray foam. The homeowner had expected the best solution to be the cellulose. She says she was glad to have called a company that offered so many solutions so the best one could be chosen.

Before beginning any upgrades to the home, Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver’s production team first removed all of the old, damaged, and fairly useless insulation. Some of it was straw! After complete removal was accomplished, spray foam was applied. Spray foam is an interesting product that is applied as a liquid and expands into a solid. Its expansive properties allow it to fill all the nooks and crevices that typical fiberglass insulation will leave open to air leaks. Fiberglass also is just an air filter.

The books and photos are now stored in the attic. Her house is now so much warmer and comfortable in the winter, and she is looking forward to a comfortable summer.

Photos & Videos: