Cold Floors Home Solved with CleanSpace

Completion date: October 10, 2018

Location: Gresham, OR

Solutions provided:

The homeowners of this Gresham, OR house wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their home plus solve the issue of cold floors. They also suspected there were mice in the crawl space. To top it off, the new furnace was not helping make them more comfortable.


A contractor they knew referred the owners to our company and they called to set up an evaluation.

After our energy consultant met with them to discuss what they were experiencing and what they wanted to accomplish, he crawled under the home. The insulation was quite inadequate and the fiberglass that was under the home was giving mice a place to nest.

The CleanSpace encapsulation system was their best choice to solve all of their issues. Our experienced CleanSpace insulation crew started by removing all the old insulation. A SaniDry dehumidifier was then installed to help keep humidity at the correct level. Then the different layers of the CleanSpace lining were installed on the ground to make the barrier between the earth and their home. Spray foam was sprayed on the foundation to seal those walls.

Now the home is warmer since the cold air is not coming in through the floors, the floors are warmer, and the critters don’t have a place to live.