Garage in Needing Insulation to Keep Room Above Warmer

Completion date: May 21, 2018

Location: Monroe, OR

Solutions provided:

This garage in Monroe, Oregon has a room above it, and the floors were always cold in the winters.


After finding our company online, the owner contacted us to set up an appointment. Our Energy Consultant determined that TruSoft blown-in insulation could be blown in to the garage ceiling to make the floor in the room above warmer.

To protect items in the garage and so the owner did not have to remove everything, our insulation crew covered everything in plastic (see photo). They then drilled holes in the garage ceiling to be able to access the space. After the crew blew in the cellulose, these holes were then patched and prepared to be painted.

Now the floor in the room upstairs is much more comfortable to stand on in the winter.

Photos & Videos: