Home Near the River Too Humid Inside

Completion date: September 20, 2018

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This Eugene, OR near the Willamette River homeowner knew there were serious issues under his home. Pests were getting in to his home from underneath, and it was so wet and moist under his home that the house was quite humid. He found us online and contacted us to set up an assessment.


After our Energy Consultant met with the homeowner to talk more about what they were looking to accomplish, he crawled under the home. There was a lot of standing water on the vapor barrier. There was clear evidence of critters living under there, including some dead critters. The sump pump under the home was not able to keep up with all the water. The fiberglass insulation was hanging down, making it ineffective.

Instead of just replacing the fiberglass since it would fall down again, and it wasn’t keeping moisture from entering his home anyway, he chose spray foam. Our crew spray foamed the underfloor at 3 inches thick to both deal with the insulation issue and to seal the floor so the water vapor would not enter their home. Another sump pump was added to help remove more water, along with a drainage pipe to get the water away from the home. Once this was all done, our insulation crew installed a new vapor barrier.

Now living near the Willamette River is a nice thing again!

Photos & Videos: