Home Needing Attic Insulation ... AFTER Rat Infestation Taken Care of

Completion date: May 1, 2018

Location: Yachats, OR

Solutions provided:

This owner of this Yachts, OR vacation rental learned from the utility audit that the property needed attic insulation. There was not enough insulation in there now (see photo).


After finding our company online, the owner called our company to see how we could best help. Besides not having enough insulation to actually DO any insulating, it was also the old, inefficient fiberglass that just acts as an air filter. Also, critters love to nest in this, and this house had rats living in the attic!

Once the rat infestation was taken care of, our 3-person attic insulation crew removed all the old, nasty insulation. They then sealed all the places where air was leaking into to the attic from inside the rental. They then blew in TruSoft ™ blown-in cellulose insulation to the R-38 level. Critters do not like to nest in the cellulose due to the treatment of borate.

The owner will now be able to advertise that the vacation rental will be comfortable with the new attic insulation!

Photos & Videos: