Home Warmer in Winter After Attic Insulated Properly

Completion date: August 9, 2017

Location: Newport, OR

Solutions provided:

The homeowner was not comfortable in his own home and was tired of it. Floors were cold in the winter, and they had to use portable heaters to make some rooms comfortable. One a scale of 1 to 10, they rated their house a 5.5 for comfort in the winter.


He heard our ad on the radio and called for an appointment at the beginning of fall so he didn’t have to go through another cold winter. Our Energy Consultant met with him to learn more about what he has been experiencing in his home and then crawled into the attic and under the home. The attic was the main cause of heat loss with the air leaks and the lack of adequate insulation (see photo).

Our Energy Crew insulated their attic using a variety of methods. The old, inadequate insulation was sucked out (and there was evidence that rodents had been living in their attic!). The crew then sealed all the leakage points with foam (see photo). The chimney hardly had any insulation (see photo) so it was wrapped with rockwool. The bath fan was dumping its air to the attic, so the crew routed it to the outside. They then blew into the attic TruSoft cellulose insulation. It is resistant to mold and critters so was a much better solution for his attic. His home will be warmer in the winter now that the air he has paid to heat will not be able to escape so easily!

Photos & Videos: