Homeowner Fixes Water Issues Under House With Encapsulation

Completion date: July 25, 2018

Location: South Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

The original reason this homeowner in the south hills of Eugene, OR called us was they had a sump pump under their home that didn’t appear to be working well. He knew there were water issues under his home but he didn’t know the extent of the water problem for him and his neighbors.


Although we didn’t install this sump pump, our technician checked it out to see if we would be able to fix it. (The homeowner couldn’t find anyone else that was willing to come out and look.) There didn’t seem to be any saving it, so the homeowner chose to have our crew install a new one.

To ensure the new one was working and taking care of water issues under the home, our General Manager crawled under the home a month later. With the amount of water under the home, just a sump pump wasn’t going to be a good long-term strategy for keeping water out from under this south Eugene home. It also didn’t have much insulation, so it’s no wonder they were not as comfortable in their home as they wanted to be.

He chose to move forward with crawl space encapsulation. This system isolates his home from the earth. With this system, plus the new sump pump installed, the humidity level in the air was drastically reduced. Now mold cannot grow in the lower humidity, and the air in their house is healthier to breathe.