Horticultural Facility Solves Problem of Separating Out Each Room

Completion date: March 20, 2018

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This Eugene area client was working on converting an existing commercial building into a horticultural facility. Walls needed to be insulated in each of nine separate rooms to create an environment whereby humidity and temperature could be controlled in each room.


Our owner explained to the client why close cell spray foam would be the best solution:

1) Spray foam compactly fills in the wall space, sealing every nook and cranny.

2) Spray foam does not hold the water from humid air the way fiberglass batts will.

3) Spray foam also gives the highest R-value possible per inch--they only had a 1-inch deep space for insulation.

4) Spray foam keeps each room contained as well as sealing each room off from the other, allowing them to create a separate environment in each room.

Closed cell spray foam gives you an air and vapor barrier at one inch thickness, and since they only had 1 5/8” metal stud framing (giving each room more floor space), this option was a no-brainer!

Photos & Videos: