Mold Treated and Neutralized Under Home

Completion date: September 10, 2018

Location: Woodburn, OR

Solutions provided:

This Woodburn, OR couple wanted to properly insulate their crawl space, plus treat the water issues and the mold growth in their crawl space, as they are preparing to put the home up for sale and knew these were issues that needed to be solved.


After seeing our listing and reviews on Home Advisor, they contacted us and set up an appointment with one of our Energy Consultants. He met with them to learn what they wanted to accomplish and then suited up and got in that crawl space.

Oh my! It was very wet, ductwork was all over the place in places it should not be, mold was growing, and the humidity level was very high under the home. That high humidity level was perfect for mold growth; they had been breathing in mold, since about fifty percent of the air you breathe on the first floor of a home comes from the crawl space.

Our expert crew started with removing all the old insulation. The crawl space was then treated with Mold-X2. It neutralizes mold on surfaces, nooks, and crannies by eradicating the biofilm that mold lives on. The mold is now not able to produce spores.

New insulation was installed between the floor joists, the water pipes were wrapped, the vents were animal-proofed, ductwork was replaced with new ducting and properly attached to the floor, and a new vapor barrier was installed. To address the water issues, the crew also installed a crawl space drainage system to move the water out of the crawl space.

This is now a home ready to put on the market, plus while they are still living there it will be much healthier for this couple!

Photos & Videos: