Residents Save up to 50% on their Heating Bills in Junction City

Completion date: December 27, 2016

Location: Junction City, OR

Solutions provided:

Northtowne’s apartment manager knew she had trouble when she discovered evidence of animals living in the crawl space and destroying the insulation.

Northtowne’s apartment manager, Brenda Jensen, called Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver after beginning a repair in a resident’s home. She had cut a huge hole in the floor for the repair and when a foul smell permeated the room she peered in with a flashlight and noticed the insulation dipping and sagging from the ceiling of the crawl space.

Deeply concerned for the health of her occupants, she called three companies to get bids on replacing the crawl space insulation. Jensen eventually chose Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver. “I went with you because the sales person, Stephen, thoroughly explained everything and answered my questions. He also took time to acknowledge and interact with the residents. I really enjoyed working with him.”

The Northtowne Apartments are Section 8, with some residents elderly and disabled. The tenants live on fixed incomes and cannot afford high heating bills. A one-bedroom apartment’s electric heating bill was approximately $150 a month.

Jensen realized that both building’s crawl space’s insulation would need to be replaced because the former apartment manager did not close the vents properly and animals such as feral cats, opossums, mice, and other creatures called this their home, leaving behind waste and ruined insulation.


Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver came in and removed all of the old insulation and replaced it with superior R-30 insulation. The crew air sealed the floor and replaced the vapor barrier where needed. They also discovered a way to dense pack the over-hanging floor area with cellulose and the other companies that had been called weren’t able to figure this out.

The new insulation will help the residents remain comfortable without having to crank up the heat in the winter, while at the same time keeping the hot air out in the summer. Also, the crew went above and beyond in the work they performed by air sealing all the dyer vents.

“The crew was so awesome, arriving on time and being friendly and positive with the entire staff and residents. The cleanup was flawless. Not even one cigarette butt on the ground.“

Northtowne’s residents are now saving approximately 50% on their heating bills. They are comfortable in the winter and the summer.