Rooms in Home Made Warmer in Winter

Completion date: November 20, 2018

Location: South Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This owner found us on her utility company’s list of participating contractors for their energy-efficiency program and called us for an appointment.

After meeting with our energy consultant to find out what she wanted to achieve, he suited up and crawl into the attic and the crawl space.

The crawl space became a priority. Insulation was hanging down underneath (see photo); no wonder the rooms were cold!

Our insulation crew started by removing the existing insulation; we don’t want to just cover it up since to make her floors warmer, the new insulation needs to have contact with the underfloor to help slow down air. They then replaced it with R-21 batts held in with twine (much better than the thin wood slats you see in houses).

Photos & Videos: