Salem Area Homeowner Tired of House Making Them Sick-Chose Crawl Encapsulation

Completion date: April 23, 2018

Location: Salem, OR

Solutions provided:

Since she and one of her children have asthma and were getting sick a lot, it became a priority to solve the mystery of where the musty smells were coming from. The musty smells would even get worse when the weather was hot.


When our Energy Consultant investigated their home, he found water underneath along with mold! There were even roots from plants near their home using that water under their home. Also, there was lots of evidence of rat activity (see photos).

The photos that our Energy Consultant showed her of what was happening under her home made her realize where the problems were coming from. She was ready to move forward with the crawl space encapsulation system under her home to make the air they were breathing much healthier.

The Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver insulation crew removed the existing insulation and the dirty and rat-messed vapor barrier. They then installed the encapsulation system, including the SmartSump sump pump system with drainage lines, and the SaniDry CX air system. The SaniDry keeps the relative humidity under a home at levels below where mold will grow. Molds will produce airborne spores by the MILLIONS!

Since the work has been done, they don't smell anything coming from the crawlspace anymore, and she and her child are much healthier!

Photos & Videos: