Standing Water and Mold Issue Under Home Solved with Crawl

Completion date: August 15, 2018

Location: Dorena area, OR

Solutions provided:

These homeowners near Dorena, OR suspected there was mold growing in their home and wanted to get something done about it.


After meeting with us at the Eugene home show, they set an appointment to meet with our Energy Consultant. When he investigated under this 3-bedroom home (we actually suit up, climb into the crawl space, and take photos to show homeowners, rather than just peek in through the crawl space door), he found a lot of standing water (see photo) and a high humidity level. Since mold likes to grow in high humidity, this was the perfect environment.

Our insulation crew installed the crawl space encapsulation system. First off, the old insulation and the old, wet vapor barrier were removed. A SmartSump™ sump pump was installed to deal with the excess water issues. The encapsulation system includes spray foam on the foundation walls and a three-layer barrier on the ground. This encloses the crawl space and makes it more of a conditioned space.

Now this home does not have mold-growing humidity level underneath, so the air they breathe in their home will be healthier.

Photos & Videos: