Uncomfortable Home Fixed With Encapsulation

Completion date: April 24, 2018

Location: Grants Pass, OR

Solutions provided:

The homeowners in Grants Pass, Oregon were uncomfortable - too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. They also knew that they were breathing fifty percent of the air from their crawl space and that it was time to get it cleaned up. When the crawl space is wet and showing signs of mold it is a potentially dangerous hazard from indoor air pollution. When a crawl space is vented to the outside it draws moisture and critters.


Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver upgraded their crawl space with drainage matting, TerraBlock, and spray foam. They also installed a SmartSump and SaniDry to keep moisture controlled in the space. The result of this crawl space encapsulation and sealing process is a clean, dry space that isn’t affected by moisture in the soil or in the outside air. Unlike fiberglass, crawl space insulation that can degrade into a pink pile on the crawl space floor, rigid foam insulation can’t absorb moisture or be damaged by it, and will never fall out of place. Any moisture that remains in the wood framing after a crawl space is encapsulated can be effectively removed with the SumpPump and the SaniDry equipment. Once this happens, you’ve got a controlled environment where mold can’t grow, and a crawl space that’s more of an asset to your house than a liability.

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