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  Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was the company chosen by Janice and David B. of Grants Pass, OR to replace the old leaky windows and insulate the attic at their home.  After getting estimates and proposals from other local companies, they concluded that Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was the only one offering a combination of great service, quality products and reasonable prices. The couple couldn't be happier with their choice. In this video they talk about the experience they had with the company during the entire project.  They were really impressed with the installation crew as well. The job was performed during the summer, when the temperatures reached triple digits for a few days, and the crews kept on working, regardless.  "They arrived on schedule, and they actually even finished earlier than expected. So that was a really good bonus," says David.
Janice and David B. of Grants Pass, OR
Wednesday, December 21st
  Mari An's home in Grants Pass, OR was extremely uncomfortable during the summer. In hot days the air conditioning just couldn't keep up with cooling the entire house.  While visiting a home show, she learned about Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver and all the services they provide to fix comfort and energy waste problems in homes just like hers. She then decided to give them a call -- and she was glad she did.  After they sealed the ducts, air sealed and insulated the attic, her home is much more comfortable and her air conditioning doesn't even need to run as often as it did before!
Mari An of Grants Pass, OR
Wednesday, December 21st
Stephanie S.'s home in Grants Pass, OR was very hot and hard to cool during the summer. As many homeowners think, she, too, thought that the problem was with her air conditioner, assuming that it was just not big enough to keep up with the demand.  She initially called Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver to inspect the air conditioner and the furnace, but tests concluded that there was nothing wrong with them. The technicians then performed a comprehensive home evaluation to detect the sources of the problem and recommend the best solutions. "We discussed what needed to be done and what I wanted to be done. It was left up to me how much I wanted them to do," she says. She is so satisfied with the experience and results that she recommends the company to family and friends.
Stephanie S. of Grants Pass, OR
Wednesday, December 21st
  Bill & Gail M. from Salem, OR had a damp, cold and unhealthy basement that was severely affecting Bill's health. Just a few minutes in that environment, and he would start to wheeze and have problems breathing. They called Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver to help with the problem. in this video they talk about their experience with the company, and the results after the basement was sealed and insulated. The air you breath comes from under your house! Is your basement or crawlspace causing your headaches or breathing problems? Call Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver for a FREE Whole Home Evaluation to see what we can do to make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient!
Bill and Gail M. of Salem, OR
Wednesday, September 7th
  Krystle K.'s home in Salem, OR had a crawl space with all the typical problems of an unsealed crawl space in that area. It was damp, smelly, dirty, poorly insulated and mold infested, which was causing Krystle and her children to feel sick indoors. Prior to calling Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver, she had a contractor come, and replace the existing insulation. That improved the conditions temporarily, but a week later all the problems came back including the foul smells and the mold that was once again making her family sick.When our technician inspected the property he explained that the problem will not be solved without addressing the main cause: the high humidity levels that were being made worse by outside air infiltration into the crawl. Krystle then decided to have Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver seal, insulate and dehumidify the area for long term moisture and mold control. In this video she talks about the experience with the company and the results after the project was completed. "It was just all around the best experience we could possibly ask for", says Krystle.
Krystle K. of Salem, OR
Monday, April 10th
  Terri D. from Springfield, OR recently hired Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver to replace all her existing windows with brand new, energy-efficient windows. She had a prior experience with the company. Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was in charge of insulating the crawl space when Terri bought the house. In this video she speaks about why she once again decided to trust the company with the window replacement project, and about her experience as a customer. "They did a great job, they were friendly and efficient", says Terri.
Terri D. of Springfield, OR
Monday, April 10th
Rachel R.'s home in Cottage Grove. OR had serious comfort problems. There wasn't a functional heating and cooling system, no attic or crawl space insulation and all the windows were leaky single pane models.As a result, the home was extremely uncomfortable year round. When our Energy Consultant came to perform an energy assessment he soon realized that this would be a huge project, so he took the time to put together a proposal containing several options to accommodate Rachel's budget, and at the same time maximize the return of investment in terms of improved comfort and energy savings. In this video Rachel talks about the experience and the results. "It is able to keep all our heat source in and (...) during the summertime keeps it really cool in here, which is really nice."
Rachel R. of Cottage Grove, OR
Wednesday, August 2nd
Anna M. was waking up with headaches after every night she spent in her Eugene, OR home. After repeatedly cleaning her house to see if she could eliminate that causes, she began to suspect that the problems was in fact under it in the nasty, moldy and humid crawl space. So she decided to call Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver for help. In this video she speaks about her experience with the company and the results obtained after the work was done. "Almost immediately after the work was done, the first night I spent here, I woke up and my head was fine! I had no headache!" says Anna.
Anna M. of Eugene, OR
Wednesday, September 7th
  Energy bills in Martha's home were very high and she was actively looking for ways to reduce her heating and cooling expenses.  She called four big local HVAC companies for an estimate. And then she called Josh Lowes' Dr. Energy Saver for a comprehensive home energy evaluation. Martha was very impressed with the process. The inspection was very thorough, the diagnostic and explanation made sense to her and they were willing to work within her budget while maximizing savings and performance.  She felt they were the right company for the job, and she was never disappointed. She is very happy with the results. "I searched for the right people to work on my house. These were people with integrity and really wanting to satisfy their customers," says Martha.
Martha S. of Eugene, OR
Thursday, December 22nd
  Dan W. hired Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy saver to insulate a carport that the former owner of his property had converted into a room, but without adding any insulation to it. Upon inspection they found out that while there was a little insulation on the walls but no insulation at all in the small attic above it. Just by insulating the attic, temperatures became much more comfortable during the summer and will remain comfortable during the winter.
Dan W. of Eugene, OR
Alice G.'s home in Eugene, OR had comfort problems due to an un-insulated crawl space. She decided to call Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver because the company had previously done work for some of her neighbors who were very happy with the results. In this video she talks about the experience with the company"Everything was professionally done.", says Alice.
Alice G. of Eugene, OR
Tuesday, February 21st
Mr. J Rodrigues in Eugene, OR recently had the crawl space in his home air sealed and insulated by Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. In this video he talks about the experience he had with the company. "Dr. Energy Saver, thumbs up with me!"
J. R. of Eugene, OR
Monday, March 27th
The estimator and installers all seemed to have an excellent understanding of the product we chose. Installation was done in one day, clean up was excellent and we were quite satisfied with the whole procedure.
Vern I. of Eugene, OR
Monday, August 11th
The crew that came to put in our windows were great!  They were personable...made friends with our dog right away, which helped a lot.  We were not sure how bothered she would be as she hates drills and motor noises.  But she liked them, one even throwing the ball for her!   They were all very efficient and hard working and looks to us like they did a great job!  They made sure everything was cleaned up well and were very nice about the sprinklers coming on that we could not control.  I know it threw them for a loop, but they made it feel like it was not big deal.   You have a great crew!
Lynn M. of Bend, OR
Tuesday, December 23rd
Completed on time, cleaned up, and were courteous and professional. (attic insulation)
John H. of Grants Pass, OR
Monday, February 29th
Excellent job - TJ and the crew were very cooperative and professional. We are very pleased with everything.
Jeanne and Dennis N. of Redmond, OR
Wednesday, June 15th
Austin and his crew were awesome. Thoroughly explained the work to be done. And were finished with the first part sooner than I thought would take place. Really like the pictures showing the work that was done.
David S. of Milwaukie, OR
Thursday, December 27th
The energy consultant that came to my house was friendly and honest. The crew did good work and it was on schedule.
Steve C. of Tigard, OR
Tuesday, January 15th
All three of the guys were great! They worked very hard and were very careful of our house. Any issues were addressed and fixed fast.
Mike and Diane S. of Bend, OR
Friday, September 16th
Thank you! Completed on time and cleaned up.
Nicole and Grant of Washougal, WA
Tuesday, September 25th
You guys are true professionals. I hired Josh Lowe’s to install new windows and blow insulation. Your crew was efficient and their manner was quite remarkable. Their workmanship was of top quality and I appreciated their attention to detail. Thank you very much!
Cindy C. of Blue River, OR
Tuesday, December 10th
Your HVAC technicians were right on time and even made a phone call when they were five minutes away. Both technicians introduced themselves and ran through what was going to be done and in what order. They worked thoroughly and kept the work site as clean as possible. After the installation was complete, they explained the heating and cooling system's remote controls and their functions.  This was a great experience overall from the beginning to the end result. We hope to get great heat and cooling from our new system.
Darrell of Blue River, OR
Friday, May 23rd
Excellent service. Professional workers. (Simonton windows installed)
Kathy T. of Blue River, OR
Thursday, April 6th
Ten out of ten. Professional, couteous, and completed on time.
M. S. of Camas, WA
Monday, January 21st
Courteous, cleaned up, and completed on time.
Bill P. of Camas, WA
Wednesday, February 20th
Fantastic (foam insulation)
Hardy of Colton, OR
Wednesday, January 27th
Love your work--we are already warmer and expecting to be cooler in the summer. This was a tough project and your guys were amazing.  Thanks to Eric, Patrick, Michael, etc.  (attic insulation with blown-in cellulose, and sealing)
Craig & Kerry M. of Damascus, OR
Monday, January 8th
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