Difficulty breathing in your home? You may have mold growing underneath it!

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Crawl Space Insulation Before & After Photos

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No More Mold Under Lake Oswego, OR Home

This homeowner in Lake Oswego knew there was mold growing under her home, and it was making them sick.  This before photo shows the mold growing under her home. She wanted a permanent solution so they could enjoy their home; she chose to have us encapsulate the crawl space. With the SaniDry CX crawl space air system, the Smart Sump sump pump, and the encapsulation of her crawl space (see after photo), the mold does not have the environment it likes to grow.

Dirty Crawlspace in Salem, OR

This customer called about a old, brittle vapor barrier and mice in their crawlspace. We encapsulated their crawlspace and the customers are literally breathing easier! 

No More Mold and Critters under Halsey Area, OR Home

This Halsey area homeowner had musty smells in her home and called us for an appointment.  When our Energy Consultant crawled under her home, he found mold growing! Besides being able to see the white mold growing on the wood in this Before photo, you can also see the tunnel some critter made by pushing aside the grey insulation.

She chose to encapsulate under her home (see After photo) to prevent mold from growing again. She also had us install the SaniDry CX air handling system, the SmartSump sump pump, and a full drainage system.

No More Mold and Moisture Under Creswell, OR Home

This homeowner knew there were mold and moisture issues in his home.  One of the family has asthma; mold creates millions of spores, and you breathe air coming from your crawl space.

To solve the issues and prevent them from returning, this homeowner chose to have their crawlspace encapsulated.  Our experienced insulation crew removed all the debris and the vapor barrier, laid down the special matting, sprayed closed-cell spray foam on the foundation walls, and installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier to assist with keeping the moisture level below the point that mold can grow.  

Eugene, OR home gets new crawl space door

This client called us to inspect under their house as cats have torn it up.  The first step--install a new crawl space door to prevent more damage by the kitties.

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