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  Krystle K.'s home in Salem, OR had a crawl space with all the typical problems of an unsealed crawl space in that area. It was damp, smelly, dirty, poorly insulated and mold infested, which was causing Krystle and her children to feel sick indoors. Prior to calling Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver, she had a contractor come, and replace the existing insulation. That improved the conditions temporarily, but a week later all the problems came back including the foul smells and the mold that was once again making her family sick.When our technician inspected the property he explained that the problem will not be solved without addressing the main cause: the high humidity levels that were being made worse by outside air infiltration into the crawl. Krystle then decided to have Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver seal, insulate and dehumidify the area for long term moisture and mold control. In this video she talks about the experience with the company and the results after the project was completed. "It was just all around the best experience we could possibly ask for", says Krystle.
Krystle K. of Salem, OR
Monday, April 10th
Anna M. was waking up with headaches after every night she spent in her Eugene, OR home. After repeatedly cleaning her house to see if she could eliminate that causes, she began to suspect that the problems was in fact under it in the nasty, moldy and humid crawl space. So she decided to call Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver for help. In this video she speaks about her experience with the company and the results obtained after the work was done. "Almost immediately after the work was done, the first night I spent here, I woke up and my head was fine! I had no headache!" says Anna.
Anna M. of Eugene, OR
Wednesday, September 7th
Alice G.'s home in Eugene, OR had comfort problems due to an un-insulated crawl space. She decided to call Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver because the company had previously done work for some of her neighbors who were very happy with the results. In this video she talks about the experience with the company"Everything was professionally done.", says Alice.
Alice G. of Eugene, OR
Tuesday, February 21st
Mr. J Rodrigues in Eugene, OR recently had the crawl space in his home air sealed and insulated by Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. In this video he talks about the experience he had with the company. "Dr. Energy Saver, thumbs up with me!"
J. R. of Eugene, OR
Monday, March 27th
Excellent job - TJ and the crew were very cooperative and professional. We are very pleased with everything.
Jeanne and Dennis N. of Redmond, OR
Wednesday, June 15th
The crew was on time and worked tirelessly over two days to complete the job (insulate under the floor) in spite of the weather and the tight work area.  Thank you!
Patty and Rex of Vida, OR
Wednesday, December 27th
Did a wonderful job with clean-up, and knowledgeable with the info provided. (encapsulating crawl space)
Christopher C. of Portland, OR
Thursday, April 27th
We had a lot of work done on our house this summer and I wish all of my contractors were as professional and courteous as your staff.   Josh was great. He provided us lots of options and helped us decide what was best, given our long-term goals with this property. We were comfortable with Josh--his integrity was evident in his interactions with us. The crew was great! We are 100% satisfied with the work done. The clean-up was great--not a trace left behind! 
Jim G. of Wilsonville, OR
Tuesday, May 9th
To Derrick, Michael, Keanu, Patrick, Greg, Michael, and all of the other crew members who entered our crawl space--THANK YOU and "WOW"! Your very positive dispositions, hard-work ethics, consideration of our time and home, and your thorough clean-up and encapsulation of our gross crawl space were above and beyond. We will certainly recommend you and your work to everyone and anyone who asks about home energy issues!
Patrick & Kristen V. of Beaverton, OR
Thursday, March 15th
Neat and very professional.  Would refer to a friend. (CleanSpace installed under home)
Rick H. of Hubbard, OR
Friday, January 15th
Very fast and thorough. Really a positive and cheerful crew, especially considering the hard work involved. (under floor insulation and vapor barrier)
K.S. of Dexter, OR
Wednesday, February 22nd
All the guys did a great job. I'm impressed with Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. Thanks so much. I will tell all my friends about the company. Good job.  
Kathie S. of Salem, OR
Wednesday, July 12th
Testimonial Photo by Dennis W.
Great job. (crawl space encapsulation to make it clean and dry--photo shows how insulation is falling down so not insulating their floor inside the house)
Dennis W. of Keizer, OR
Friday, February 23rd
Best customer service we have ever experienced, including front desk and workers.
Krystle of Salem, OR
Wednesday, March 1st
The Energy Consultant Brandon was great, and he found additional issues under the home that other contractors did not find.  The crew was polite and very considerate. (water issues under home controlled with SmartSump sump pump)
Donna A. of Salem, OR
Thursday, July 20th
Excellent people that worked on my house. Courteous and friendly. They worked very hard.
M. O. of Salem, OR
Tuesday, August 28th
Great job by everyone. (digging out under home to make 18' clearance, insulating underfloor, and installing 5 Simonton windows)
Melissa W. of Springfield, OR
Monday, April 10th
The office team was very pleasant and helpful. Eric, the energy consultant, was very nice and a great person. The foreman Cody was so nice and answered all my questions. I was concerned at times but had the answers I needed to make me feel comfortable as time went along. I chose your company due to the price and having very clean and pleasant people to work with.  I am very satisfied with the work (crawl space encapsulation); the crew went beyond what I though they would do and they stuck to the work.
Diane H. of Springfield, OR
Friday, March 9th
I want to thank your company and employees for the work they have done.  I am so very pleased with the results and with the attitute of the individuals that were here at my house. (insulation)
Julie M. of Springfield, OR
Tuesday, January 12th
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