Difficulty breathing in your home? You may have mold growing underneath it!

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SaniDry dehumidifer needs to be serviced annually

Your SaniDry CX dehumidification system under your house needs to be serviced annually as it is a high-performance machine.  It needs to be tuned up, just like a car does, and this will ensure the level of moisture is below where mold and mildew develop.

During the service, the system and coils are checked, the heat exchange core is inspected and cleaned, the blower and discharge systems are inspected, and the overall working of the system is checked. 

The pre-filter is cleaned, and the carbon filter is changed (see photos for before and after filters). A dirty filter means your dehumidification system is not working to its full potential and dust and mold spores are not being filtered out of the crawl space air that finds its way into your home.

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Ducts sealed with spray foam to prevent leakage

This Eugene client had been finding air leaks in his ductwork and knew he was losing heat and wasting energy and money.  The ductwork was haphazardly wrapped (see "before" photo) and wasn't doing much good.  Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver spray-foamed the ductwork to seal all leaks and keep the heat in the ductwork, and now his home is much warmer!

Ductwork encapsulated in Eugene, OR

This Eugene, OR couple called us to evaluate their home since the house has been cold, especially one of the bedrooms. Our Energy Consultant Dan Davis discovered the ductwork was leaking and had no insulation.  Greg and Felix from our Energy Crew encapsulated the ductwork—register boots, trunk line, and branch lines—with closed cell spray foam.  This couple, and their new baby, are now much warmer!

Air-sealing attic in Corvallis, OR

This "before" photo of this Corvallis attic shows how the pink insulation is really just an air filter.  The pink insulation is no longer pink since air carrying the dirt and nasty mold was leaking up through the ceiling into the attic.  See those lines radiating out?  That is where dirt and mold were collecting!  This "after" photo shows the same attic, with all the leaky areas sealed up before our crew blew in the cellulose insulation. The homeowner is now much more comfortable in this older home.

Attic in Junction City, OR Has Air Leaks Sealed and Insulation to R-49 Level

This home's attic did not have enough insulation to keep in the warm air, so the homeowner was cold in the winter.  This comes from all the cracks where air was leaking out of the attic plus the inadequate level of insulation.  Even though there was some attic insulation (see the Before photo), there were too many places where it was inadequate.  Warm air likes to find its way out, and this attic gave it ample places to escape. Our Insulation Crew sealed the air leaks and then blew in TruSoft cellulose insulation to the R-49 level (see After photo) that is recommended as the minimum level to be effective. 

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