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Pole Barn in Aurora, OR Insulated with Spray Foam

The owner of this barn near Aurora, OR wanted to turn the existing pole barn into a work studio.

If he had chosen fiberglass batting, he would still have been cold in this building as the sides are metal. Closed-cell spray foam is a great, sturdy, longer-term solution as it seals the surfaces it is applied to.

Aumsville, OR Business Fixes Ductwork with Spray Foam

The ductwork under this building in Aumsville, OR was missing a lot of insulation, plus there were gaps in the joints, so a LOT of heated air was never even making it in to the building. For a more permanent solution, they chose to spray foam the ductwork to encapsulate them.

Rat-Infested Attic Cleaned Up and Re-Insulated in Home Near Lowell, OR

These homeowners were unaware of the rat party that was happening in their attic. Our Energy Consultant found lots of evidence (see photo) and showed them what he found.

To help prevent the critters in the future, our crew removed all the old insulation, air sealed gaps (they can see these when they removed the old insulation; this is one reason we encourage homeowners to remove old insulation), and then blow in TruSoft™ cellulose to the R-49 level. Animals do not like to nest in the cellulose since it is treated with borate.

Hillsboro, OR Remodel Has Walls Spray Foamed

Since this Hillsboro, OR home was experiencing an extensive remodel (BEFORE photo), the owner took advantage of it and chose our company to fill the open wall cavities with closed-cell spray foam (AFTER photo). It is a much better and long-term solution over fiberglass batting: it is more insulating, helps with sound-dampening, and won’t sag like batting does.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Deters Rodent Infestation Under Salem, OR Home

These Salem, OR homeowners had already dealt with one gigantic infestation of rodents and needed to have insulation replaced. The original insulation was fiberglass, and rodents love to use it as nesting material.

It wouldn’t make sense to just remove the fiberglass and replace it with more fiberglass. Our company offers a variety of insulation solutions, and closed-cell spray foam was the best solution here. Animals do not like to nest in it, they needed the ductwork insulated anyway, and this longer-term solution will also keep their home’s floors warmer in the winter.

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