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Before and After Pictures from Corvallis
Air-sealing attic in Corvallis, OR

Air-sealing attic in Corvallis, OR

Before After
Air-sealing attic in Corvallis, OR Air-sealing attic in Corvallis, OR

This "before" photo of this Corvallis attic shows how the pink insulation is really just an air filter.  The pink insulation is no longer pink since air carrying the dirt and nasty mold was leaking up through the ceiling into the attic.  See those lines radiating out?  That is where dirt and mold were collecting!  This "after" photo shows the same attic, with all the leaky areas sealed up before our crew blew in the cellulose insulation. The homeowner is now much more comfortable in this older home.

Crawl Space in Corvallis, OR Encapsulated

Crawl Space in Corvallis, OR Encapsulated

Before After
Crawl Space in Corvallis, OR Encapsulated Crawl Space in Corvallis, OR Encapsulated

To eliminate having cold floors in the winter, this Corvallis homeowner chose to encapsulate the crawl space.  This includes removing all the old, inefficient insulation, the old vapor barrier, and encapsulating the whole crawl space with the special liner materials. These create a continuous air and moisture barrier between the ground and the underneath of their home.

Corvallis, OR Crawl Space Encapsulated to Deter Pest Infestation

Corvallis, OR Crawl Space Encapsulated to Deter Pest Infestation

Before After
Corvallis, OR Crawl Space Encapsulated to Deter Pest Infestation Corvallis, OR Crawl Space Encapsulated to Deter Pest Infestation

The couple that owns this Corvallis, OR home knew there were insulation issues under their home. When our Energy Consultant crawled under to investigate and take photos to show the homeowner, besides all the insulation sagging and falling down (see BEFORE photo), there was a large rodent infestation!

They moved forward with a crawl space encapsulation to address the insulation issues, the rodent infestation, and the high humidity level.

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#5 Dr. Energy Saver Dealer
Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver was honored as the #5 Dr. Energy Saver dealer for total sales in North America... [Read more]
Top 50 Contractors
Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver has been named one of “Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s” Top 50 Insulation Contractors in 2018.... [Read more]
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Pleased with their good attitute and willingness to go the extra mile.
Testimonial by Don P. from Corvallis, OR
They showed up on time time and did a perfect job.
Testimonial by Bjorg from Corvallis, OR
Very polite and friendly crew.
Testimonial by Jerrie J. from Corvallis, OR

Your Expert Spray Foam & Home Insulation Contractor in Corvallis

We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from home insulation and heating and cooling services to replacement windows and home energy audits!

  • Wall & Attic Insulation
  • Replacement Windows
  • Basement Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Commercial Insulation 
  • Dehumidification
  • Home Energy Evaluation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Crawl Space Sealing 
  • Spray Foam & Rigid Foam Insulation 
  • Ice Dam Prevention

Spray Foam Insulation Experts

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for insulation if you’re looking to increase your comfort & decrease your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is truly the best option for home insulation and here are a few reasons why. Spray Foam Insulation provides an air barrier due to its ability to fill gaps and cracks. It is also great at staying in the hard to reach areas because of its super-adhesive qualities. Spray foam insulation is also waterproof, unlike fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Water will not be able to pass through the foam which makes it an extremely durable and long-lasting product. Lastly, spray foam insulation is foolproof. Spray foam is sprayed as a liquid and then expands and hardens to fill voids and gaps. There is never any chance for an area to be missed or void to form. Once cured spray foam insulation will stay in place for decades to come and will never shift or settle like fiberglass. To ensure your home has the best insulation available and your energy bills are low, switch to spray foam insulation today!

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Include:

  • spray foam works in all areas of the home
  • has a greater R-value
  • acts as an air sealant
  • is waterproof
  • leaves no gaps


Home Insulation Company

All the heat that you pump throughout your home in the winter can cost more than you anticipated. One of the largest reasons for the high bill you see every month is that your home is not properly insulated and the heat is escaping outside. Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver is your Corvallis expert for all types of insulation including rigid foam, attic, crawl space, blown-in, and spray foam insulation. Wherever the air is escaping we can insulate it whether it be through walls, your basement, your attic, or in the crawl spaces. 

Custom Home Energy Audits

Our goal is to make your Corvallis home more comfortable, more health friendly, and less expensive to heat and cool. In our energy audit evaluation, we inspect your home and provide reports on the condition of major systems like ductwork and insulation. We then check air leakage areas throughout the house to identify weak points where you are losing energy. We then provide recommendations with realistic expectations for energy improvements and offer a free estimate for proposed work. 

Case Studies From Corvallis
The cold floors in this Corvallis, OR home, plus the mice they were hearing in the walls, were problems the homeowners wanted to solve. The mice...
Job Stories From Corvallis, OR
Corvallis, OR Home Made Comfortable to Live in With Blown-in Cellulose in Attic

Wanting her home to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, this Corvallis, OR homeowner found us on the internet and called to set up an appointment. Our Energy Consultant climbed under the house and into the attic and found many issues. She prioritized and started with the attic.

This photo shows what our Energy Consultant and our installation crew found in the attic. It had some fiberglass but certainly not enough to do much insulating. It’s also not the best material for insulating.

Our crew removed all the old insulation, air sealed the leaks, and then blew in TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose insulation. This makes a very thick blanket in the attic, keeping warm air inside the house in winter, and keeping out the hot air from the attic in the summer. She was very happy with our insulation crew and with the results!

Corvallis, OR Home Made Comfortable to Live in With Blown-in Cellulose in Attic - Photo 1
Older home in Corvallis, OR made more comfortable to live in

When this client bought their older home last year, they knew they were going to need to have insulation work done. They didn't want to wait years to finally live in a home that is comfortable and uses less energy. After meeting with our owner Josh, they chose to start with the attic work.  Our crew did air sealing, re-did the vents, added new bath fans, and added blown-in cellulose. They loved the result and were very thankful for our polity and friendly crew.

Ductwork not connected in Corvallis, OR

This Corvallis homeowner knew there was a duct disconnected under her home, and that the insulation around a previously leaky pipe needed to be replaced. 

We helped her make her home more comfortable by repairing the duct system connected to the air handler.  Our crew also tore out the old insulation around the water leak area that was not doing an insulating anymore and replaced it.

The homeowner is happy with the results and asked us to come out again for a more thorough whole home evaluation.

Work Requests From Corvallis, OR
NE Pin Oak in Corvallis
I have pier post and beam foundation and want the 1100 SF crawl space insulated with spray foam. How much would that cost?
NW Beca Ave in Corvallis
We currently have no insulation in our exterior walls and are thinking about what it requires and how much it would cost.
SE Midvale Dr in Corvallis
I need to soundproof an apartment above my garage as sound moves from the apartment to the 2nd floor of my home. I believe spray foam insulation might be an option for this as there is no insulation int he wall that is common between the apartment and my bedrooms. Any information if this is appropriate and the cost would be greatly appreciated.
Decker Road in Corvallis
I am wanting to cut my energy bill, decrease possible toxins by sealing my home from rodents. I a have batting insulation in the attic of a 1973 home. (The roof is still good. I need the attic inspected, cleaned and insulated with spray foam. Can you give me a quote some morning next week?
NE Colorado Lake Dr in Corvallis
We have insulation under our flooring in a crawl space. We want the insulation removed and an inspection for any damage and then re-insulated.
NW Fernwood Circle in Corvallis
Old insulation with pest damage needs replaced. Would like ducts assessed as well, please.
NW Maser DR in Corvallis
Cold air coming from floor.
NW Crest Dr. in Corvallis
I have a circa 1956 ranch home with a full crawl space. We had a plastic sheeting "seal" installed probably 15 years ago and there is evidence that water is pooling up on the plastic. I am looking for a better solution, more permanent seal and energy and future repair savings by fixing this situation.
NW Deer Run St in Corvallis
Replace fiberglass batting insulation under floors with rigid foam and insulate foundation walls with the same. Floors are cold, 40 yr old house. Crawl space ~1,000 sf. Would like R30 insulation. Insulate ducts in crawl space. Mouse infestation in a wall of second floor, where floor is also cold and exposed over entry. Check wall insulation second floor.
NW Lance Way in Corvallis
Poor attic insulation, leaky ducts, old furnace and need a/c
in Corvallis
The house is cold, so I think the insulation could be degraded
SW Hil-wood Place in Corvallis
Clean up crawl space after rat extermination. Remove old insulation from heater ducts. Roll up old vapor barrier and dispose. Vacuum up rat droppings, rat nests, insulation pieces and other debris. Lay down new vapor barrier and seal. Seal tape all heater duct joints. Wrap new insulation on heater ducts.
NW Ridgewood Dr in Corvallis
I have a 700 square foot guest house that needs additional insulating and I would like to find out what options are available.
Sw Avena Pl in Corvallis
Sw Fairhaven Court in Corvallis
Crawl space insulation: remove and replace
in Corvallis
Attic & crawlspace insulation Duct cleaning
NW Acacia Dr in Corvallis
We would like an estimate for blown in attic insulation.
in Corvallis
1920 bungalow house says it all. The windows are new, furnace ducks need insulation. little insulation. no vapor barrier. other?
in Corvallis
The front bedroom and back den seem colder than the rest of the house, especially when the doors are closed for several hours.
NW Hope Drive in Corvallis
Attic needs air sealing, duct insulation, and blown in cellulose.
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