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Before and After Pictures from Eugene
Mobile Home Owners in Eugene, OR Replaces Cold Aluminum Windows

Mobile Home Owners in Eugene, OR Replaces Cold Aluminum Windows

Before After
Mobile Home Owners in Eugene, OR Replaces Cold Aluminum Windows Mobile Home Owners in Eugene, OR Replaces Cold Aluminum Windows

Anyone who lives in an older mobile home likely has older aluminum windows. They can be drafty and cold! This couple chose to replace all their windows with the more energy-efficient Simonton brand higher-end Daylight Max windows.

Old Wooden Windows in Eugene, OR Home Replaced with New Simonton Vinyl Windows

Old Wooden Windows in Eugene, OR Home Replaced with New Simonton Vinyl Windows

Before After
Old Wooden Windows in Eugene, OR Home Replaced with New Simonton Vinyl Windows Old Wooden Windows in Eugene, OR Home Replaced with New Simonton Vinyl Windows

This Eugene, OR homeowner wanted to replace three of his old, wooden and leaky windows.  After finding us online, he called for an appointment to get a proposal. He chose the Simonton Verona series vinyl windows with cam locks and double-strength glass.

Encapsulated Crawl Space In Eugene, OR

Encapsulated Crawl Space In Eugene, OR

Before After
Encapsulated Crawl Space In Eugene, OR Encapsulated Crawl Space In Eugene, OR

The Eugene-area client already had our company insulate their attic and they were ready to have the crawl space encapsulated so chose us for that work as well.  The BEFORE photos shows the old-inefficient insulation falling down.  The AFTER photo shows the encapsulated crawl space. Their goal was to make their house cheaper to heat and cool.  By insulating and sealing both the attic and the under floor, this goal was accomplished!

Company Awards
#5 Dr. Energy Saver Dealer
Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver was honored as the #5 Dr. Energy Saver dealer for total sales in North America... [Read more]
Top 50 Contractors
Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver has been named one of “Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s” Top 50 Insulation Contractors in 2018.... [Read more]
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Reviews From Eugene
Testimonials From Eugene
Almost immediately after the work was done, the first night I spent here, I woke up and my head was fine! I had no headache!
Testimonial by Anna M. from Eugene, OR
I wish to acknowledge the superior workmanship and customer service we received from Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver.
Testimonial by Sandra C. from Eugene, OR
I searched for the right people to work on my house. These were people with integrity and really wanting to satisfy their customers.
Testimonial by Martha S. from Eugene, OR

Full-Service Home Insulation Experts

Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver are a full-service home insulation contractor serving homeowners in Eugene, OR and nearby. The majority of homes in the area do not have enough insulation and homeowners are taking action. If your home is drafty, cold or you feel like you’re energy bills are too high you’re in the right place! With advancements in products and techniques, we can confidently solve your home insulation problems in efficient and cost-effective ways. Having the right tools and technicians ensure the success of our home insulation efforts. We only hire dependable home insulation professionals with years of experience who stand behind their work. If you are in need of any of our home insulation services call or click today to schedule your FREE estimate.

Types of Insulation
  • Blown-in Fiberglass
  • Blown-in Cellulose       
  • Rigid Foam
  • Injection Foam
  • Radiant Barrier  
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Air Duct Sealing            
Areas of Home
  • Attic Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Ductwork Insulation

Professional Attic Insulation Services

Studies show that the attic is the area of the home that most likely needs more insulation. As a result, your attic is likely causing your home to be uncomfortable or causing your energy bills to be too high. If you are ready to take action by upgrading your attic insulation you’re in the right place. Our team of experts can add insulation in the right places to prevent heated air from escaping through your attic in the cold months. And prevent the summer sun from heating your home in the warm months. To learn more about our complete set of attic insulation products and services, call or click today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Attic Insulation Services Available in Eugene:

  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Blown Fiberglass Insulation
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Rigid Foam Insulation

Proven Crawl Space Insulation Solutions

Are the floors of your home always cold? Do you have to constantly keep your heat running over the winter? Does your crawl space have a moldy or damp smell? If these symptoms sound familiar, you’re in the right place! We have an experienced team of crawl space insulation experts who can identify issues with your crawl space and also provide reliable solutions. Many homeowners in the Eugene area don’t realize the importance of crawl space insulation but it is one of the most important areas of your home when it comes to energy efficiency. Your crawl space is the area of your home that is the closest to the ground. Without proper insulation, the cold and frozen winter ground will transfer into your crawl space and then to the rest of your home. In the summer, warm damp air will be absorbed into your crawl space promoting mold growth and causing your home to be hot and humid. To understand crawl space insulation issues and solutions for your home, contact us today!

Blown-in Insulation Guaranteed to Improve Comfort

Blown-in insulation, also called blow-in or blown insulation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective insulation products available. Blown-in insulation can be applied to several areas of your home and has been proven to be one of the most effective insulation materials available. Blown-in insulation with the addition of air sealing can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%. If you want to eliminate drafts and have a more comfortable home, blown-in insulation is your best option. Contact us today to schedule a FREE blown-in insulation estimate!


Eugene, OR Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the newest insulation products available. Spray Foam has gained popularity lately due to the benefits it offers compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. 1) Spray foam offers more insulation value (or R-value) per square inch, meaning less insulation is needed to get the job done. 2) Spray foam expands when it is applied so it also air seals gaps and cracks that may go unnoticed. 3) Spray foam insulation is waterproof so it stops mold and mildew growth which can be a major problem for fiberglass insulation. 4) Lastly, spray foam insulation is foolproof. Spray foam will never shift or slide after it is applied so you will always have the peace of mind that your home is properly insulated. If you think spray foam is right for your home, contact us today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Include:

  • spray foam works in all areas of the home
  • has a greater R-value
  • acts as an air sealant
  • is waterproof
  • leaves no gaps

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Did you know that your windows play a big part in improving your home's energy efficiency? In fact, many windows do not seal as well as they should and allow air to leak out. At Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver we can install new windows in your home. Unlike other contractors in the area, we can replace your existing windows with low-e-glass! Low-e glass has a coating that emits almost no radiant energy and blocks most ultraviolet (UV) longwave energy, which we feel as heat. Our Low-E glass replacement windows help control the temperature in your home all year long.

Case Studies From Eugene
With a house that was doing some sagging, this Eugene, OR homeowner wanted a solution that didn’t involve raising up the house and re-pouring...
The original reason this homeowner in the south hills of Eugene, OR called us was they had a sump pump under their home that didn’t appear to...
This west Eugene, OR homeowner knew there was a mold issue in the attic. She needed to solve this so the mold would not continue to grow.
Press Releases From Eugene
Jack Craig is a ten-year old boy living in Eugene, OR with Muscular Dystrophy. His goal is to raise $1600 in donations.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Eugene, OR
Attic in South Eugene, OR Home Insulated to Make Home More Comfortable to Live In

Can lights are amazingly leaky! After removing the old insulation in this attic, our insulation crew covered the part of the lights sticking up in the attic with can light covers, and then sealed them down to the attic floor. Cellulose insulation was then blown in over these.

Attic in South Eugene, OR Home Insulated to Make Home More Comfortable to Live In - Photo 1
New Construction Floor Spray Foamed In North Eugene, OR

This homeowner in the River Road area of Eugene, OR was building a backyard studio and figured now is the best time to correctly insulate. Her home has areas in the floor where mice sneak in, so she called us to install two inches of closed-cell spray foam before the subfloor was laid down. Her contractor loved it and could see how it would be much more effective for insulating and for deterring critters.

New Construction Floor Spray Foamed In North Eugene, OR - Photo 1New Construction Floor Spray Foamed In North Eugene, OR - Photo 2
Water Issue Under Rental Home in Eugene, OR Solved with Smart Sump

This Eugene-area homeowner needed to solve the problem of cold spots in the home plus mildew growing inside his rental home. Our Energy Consultant crawled under the home and found a lot of mold growth, standing water, and also some of the insulation under the floor was falling down.  To help mitigate the serious water issues causing problems, our crew installed the SmartSump crawl space drainage system. While they our crew was under there, they also installed R-25 fiberglass batting where the insulation was falling down.

Water Issue Under Rental Home in Eugene, OR Solved with Smart Sump - Photo 1
Attic in Eugene, OR 1950's Home Insulated with TruSoft Cellulose

This client chose our company due to all the great reviews he saw online.  Their home, built in the 1950’s, had old insulation in the attic.  Our insulation crew sealed the air leaks in the attic and then blew in TruSoft cellulose insulation to the R-49 level. Our crew also wrapped the chimney and routed a bath fan to the outside so it wasn’t blowing moist air into the attic space!  He was glad we were quick, professional, and informative.

Inadequately Insulated Attic in Eugene, OR Improved

To make their home warmer in the winter and to lower their electric bill, this Eugene-area homeowner found us on EWEB’s list of contractors and called us for an evaluation and proposal. 

Our Energy Consultant found the attic insulation was quite inadequate!  (see photo showing how it had gaps where the heat from below could easily escape to the attic)  Our insulation crew sealed the air leaks, wrapped the fireplace chimney, and blew in TruSoft cellulose insulation to the R-60 level.  The homeowner felt like they got their money’s worth.


Inadequately Insulated Attic in Eugene, OR Improved - Photo 1
Air leaks in uncomfortable Eugene, OR home fixed top to bottom

This homeowner found our company listed on the EWEB listing of local companies.  Josh performed a whole home evaluation from top to bottom since he told Josh he sets his thermostat for 66 in the winter and 78 in the summer to save money. He wants his home to be more comfortable and energy efficient, to make the floors warmer, and to reduce allergens.  Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver's crew encapsulated the crawl space and also added a SaniDry CX air system.  The leaks in the attic were air sealed, and the can lights were air sealed, before our crew blew in the cellulose insulation.  The homeowner noticed the difference right away!

Eugene, OR mobile home gets new door and

This Eugene mobile home owner called to get a proposal to replace her back door. Our Energy Consultant Jacob worked with her to also investigate her home and discovered the insulation under this manufactured home was quite inadequate.  Besides replacing her back door, we helped make her home more comfortable.  She was thankful for our work and our communication with her through the process.

Garage converted into living space in Eugene, OR

The homeowners in Eugene, Oregon wanted to convert their garage into a living space suitable to be available to renters. They searched the web and called Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. Curtis, the energy specialist sat down with them and discussed their options. They decided to remove the garage door, frame the wall with a window and use batt insulation and then drywall with tape and texture.

The converting of a garage to a living space was a vision they had since buying their home and they were excited to watch the transformation unfold. They chose Simonton Windows to allow bright light and fresh air into the place. For the flooring they turned the cold hard concrete into a beautiful living room with ThermalDry Insulated Flooring, which restricts moisture and mold growth. On top of the insulated flooring they went with a beautiful laminate flooring from Mill Creek. 

The homeowners are so pleased with the results. They say it is gorgeous and just what they had envisioned. 

Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was happy to be able to help serve another satisfied customer.

Attic Air Sealed in Eugene, OR

Dan knew the traditional pink insulation in his attic wouldn't provide enough protection during the cold winter months and the record high summer temperatures predicted for Eugene, OR, so he called Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver to air seal and insulate his attic. Dr Energy Saver used TruSoft blown in cellulose because it is an excellent insulation to keep out the drafts and to reduce the heat.

Now Dan can enjoy staying comfortable in his home all year round and Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver was happy to help him out.

Attic insulated and air sealed in Eugene, OR

Richard and Gladys F. wanted a more comfortable house. He experienced a cold home in winter and home too hot in the summer. Richard and Gladys had Josh Lowe's Dr Energy Saver install their HVAC system and knew it would be a great company to install their insulation and to seal their kitchen soffits.

By insulating their attic, sealing the kitchen soffits, and routing the four bathroom fans to vent to the outside Richard and Gladys are now very happy to be living in comfort.

Attic insulated and air sealed in Eugene, OR - Photo 1Attic insulated and air sealed in Eugene, OR - Photo 2
Weatherized Doors in Eugene

The homeowners in Eugene, OR felt drafty from their outside doors. They decided the best solution was to weatherize the four exterior doors and their two French doors. 

They are very happy now that they can't feel any drafts blowing in.

Made home warmer in winter & cooler in summer in Eugene, OR

Lee dreaded going into the summer months again without air conditioning, especially with record high temperatures in the forecast. In the summer his home was scorching hot due to his house being built in the forties. But then in the winter it was too cold. 

After setting an appointment for a whole home energy evaluation, Lee A. decided to remove all of his old insulation and replace it with blown-in insulation. It was air sealed and insulated by closing all accessible penetrations and top plates using expanding polyurethane foam and then blowing in TruSoft cellulose. TiteShell was installed around the recessed light fixture and then sealed with polyurethane foam. 

Lee is pleased with the work and has already noticed a difference in his comfort level. He's staying cool this summer in Eugene!

Work Requests From Eugene, OR
Vernon Way in Eugene
Insulation for garage
Broadview in Eugene
We need to have more insulation blown into our attic, it's not enough right now.
Quince St in Eugene
Broken window...large 12' by 5' picture window in front of house. Need replacement asap. Please call. Thank you!
Arthur St in Eugene
We need new insulation installed under our house floors before winter (a 1150 sq ft house built in the 40's with an 80's addition, post & beam crawl space with low clearance). We've already cleaned up a rodent infestation under there from last winter that prompted this "crawlspace remodel", we removed most of the old falling down insulation & gross stuff and replaced the vapor barrier. But we don't like working with insulation and want to assess the cost of having it professionally installed instead.
Stark St in Eugene
Mold removal in kitchen and bathrooms.
Lariat Drive in Eugene
I have a 1955 home, single story ranch home that has about 2000 sq ft attic where we've had rats. I want the current insulation re,over, the attic sealed, wiring inspected for damage, and new insulation blown in.
Bramblewood Lane in Eugene
My attic is 390 square feet. I used Rockwool R23 insulation batts. Eugene permit inspector wants the attic to be at least R49. He advised me to have insulation blown in over the top of the R23 Rockwool insulation that I used. The attic ceiling is very low. Some of the R23 I used already touches the ceiling. I'm looking for a quote on this.
Shannon St in Eugene
Just installed new AC/heat in our home and we need to insulate our subfloor crawling space for this coming winter.
Van Ness St. in Eugene
Have a house length leaky crawl space that's being torn up by critters and I want to look at how to address this issue long term.
Nixon Street in Eugene
I would like to replace the insulation in the underfloor area and potentially upgrade some of the windows.
Elysium Ave in Eugene
I would like an evaluation of the attic and crawl space as well as a an estimate to replace all windows and any rebates we could get from energy trust of oregon.
in Eugene
Hi, I just purchased a (rental) property with 2 small houses on it. I'd like to get the attics insulated, presumably/preferably to R-30. what do you need from me to work up a quote? thanks! helm
Blackfoot Ave in Eugene
Need to have insulation in the attic area.
Madison Street in Eugene
After repair to roof/floor assembly, need re-insulation.
Elmira Rd in Eugene
Insulate an attic space and half a garage.
Crenshaw Rd in Eugene
Believe there is mold in our crawl space/would like that area insulated to prevent condensation
Panda Loop in Eugene
Replacing windows; EWEB window replacement program
Grant St in Eugene
I would like to winterize my crawlspace before the winter.
Providence St in Eugene
Looking to replace the windows and sliding glass door in our home. Just learned that we qualify for EWEBs loan program and need to make sure we buy windows that meet their requirements.
in Eugene
We are purchasing a home that needs insulation in the attic and crawl space
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