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Spray Foam Insulation Before & After Photos

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Bedroom Above Garage in Happy Valley, OR Made More Comfortable with Spray Foam

The bedroom above the garage in this Happy Valley, OR home was cold in the winter.  The homeowner saw one of our trucks in his neighborhood and called us to get an estimate. No wonder it was uncomfortable—there was little to no insulation!  (see Before photo)  The homeowner chose spray foam; besides insulating, it also seals all the air leakage (see After photo).

Underfloor in Crawl Space In Vida, OR Home Sealed with Spray Foam

Since Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver offers different options for insulating your crawl space, these homeowners were able to choose the option that worked best for them.  Our insulation crew applied 3 inches of closed cell spray foam to the underfloor and rim joists.

Metal Building Stops Sweating -- Walterville, OR

Closed-cell spray foam is a great solution to prevent condensation on the walls and ceiling of a metal building.  This BEFORE photo shows the building just as our crew was preparing the building—they covered the floor in plastic sheeting and taped off beams and other areas with painter’s tape.  The AFTER photo shows the metal parts of the building spray foamed. Now the warmer air inside cannot condensate and drip--it cannot reach the metal walls and ceiling.

Tiny Home in Albany, OR Insulated with Spray Foam

A manufacturer of tiny homes in Albany, OR had our spray foam crew insulate this tiny home to prepare it for sale. Spray foam is a great solution for tiny homes since you get a higher insulation R-value in a smaller space. It also seals gaps to help prevent pests from entering.

Skylights in Creswell, OR Attic Sealed and Insulated with Spray Foam Insulation

After can lights, sky lights are bad for losing air you paid to heat. This Creswell, OR home’s skylight has the usual metal sleeve that hardly does any insulating. (see BEFORE photo) The air you pay to heat in the winter easily escapes in to your attic. In the summer, hot air comes down into the home from sky lights.

Our crew spray foamed over the skylights (see AFTER photo) before they then blew in new cellulose insulation in their attic. With the sky lights insulated, plus the new cellulose, these homeowners will be much more comfortable in all seasons.

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