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SaniDry dehumidifer needs to be serviced annually

Your SaniDry CX dehumidification system under your house needs to be serviced annually as it is a high-performance machine.  It needs to be tuned up, just like a car does, and this will ensure the level of moisture is below where mold and mildew develop.

During the service, the system and coils are checked, the heat exchange core is inspected and cleaned, the blower and discharge systems are inspected, and the overall working of the system is checked. 

The pre-filter is cleaned, and the carbon filter is changed (see photos for before and after filters). A dirty filter means your dehumidification system is not working to its full potential and dust and mold spores are not being filtered out of the crawl space air that finds its way into your home.

Call us to schedule your annual maintenance!

Milwaukie, OR Church Encapsulates Crawl Space to Control Water

Water issues under this church prompted the reverend to contact our company to find out how to remedy it. Besides a lot of water, there was mold growing under this church; folks were breathing this in since about 50% of the air on the first floor comes from the crawl space!

To solve all issues, the church council chose to have the crawl space encapsulated. To move out water, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier plus two UltraSump sump pumps were also installed.

The smell inside is now much better!

Underfloor & Ducts Spray Foamed to Help Reduce Dust and Allergens in Oregon Home

These homeowners already had their crawl space worked on but thought it didn’t help. The saw our company online and called for an appointment. Our energy consultant, after his inspection crawling around under the home, showed the owners that the fiberglass insulation was hanging down in areas. He also explained how fiberglass is just slowing down air, not actually doing a great job of insulating.

They chose to have the underfloor and the duct work insulated with closed-cell spray foam. Besides being a great insulator, it is a great air sealer, so it also helped reduce dust and allergens from under the house from flowing in to their home.

Attic in Washougal, WA Insulated to the Higher R-60 level

This attic in Washougal, WA was missing a lot of insulation on the attic deck, making the home below uncomfortably cold. After removing the old insulation and sealing the air leaks, our insulation team blew in TruSoft™ cellulose to the Higher R-60 level.

Troutdale, OR Attic Spray Foamed to Help with Heat Loss

This Troutdale, OR homeowner was doing a lot of work on her house and chose our company to spray foam the ceiling in the attic as it is a great way to prevent air from leaking outside and leaves the attic floor open for storage.

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