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SuperAttic Insulation

SuperAttic™ Attic Insulation Near Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, and Roseburg

Making a house as airtight and well-insulated as possible is essential to cutting heating and cooling costs. It also increases your indoor comfort level, which is why our SuperAttic attic insulation system creates an air barrier for optimum home comfort for customers throughout Western Oregon and Southwest Washington.

This sealing and insulating priority is more important in the attic than anywhere else in the house. The SuperAttic system overcomes the limitations of other attic energy upgrades, offering superior energy performance throughout the year as well as a neater, cleaner appearance and more usable attic space.

The top of the house is a high priority when improving a home’s energy performance. This specialized attic insulation system eliminates the shortcomings of conventional attic sealing and insulating strategies, resulting in a clean, open and accessible attic space that’s super energy efficient.

Contact the certified experts from Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver today for a Free Estimate to have this unique product installed at your home in Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, and Roseburg, and areas including Corvallis, Springfield, Roseburg, Cottage Grove, Keizer, and more.

SupperAttic Before and After
Before & After. The SuperAttic system protects your house against energy losses by putting a continuous & airtight layer of foam insulation beneath the attic rafters and inside the attic’s gable walls.

How Does the SuperAttic System Work?

The SuperAttic system utilizes proprietary SilverGlo rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic directly beneath the roof rafters and inside the gable ends.

The system creates a continuous barrier without thermal bridging that compromises energy performance. SuperAttic maintains roof ventilation without allowing exterior air to enter the attic space. As an added benefit, SilverGlo™ insulation panels include an integral radiant barrier that further reduces heating and cooling costs.

Installing a SuperAttic system in a typical house usually takes just a day or two. Unlike conventional attic insulation and sealing upgrades, the SuperAttic system allows attic flooring and storage areas to remain in place, eliminating the need to tear out flooring material and relocate stored items.

Advantages of the SuperAttic System by Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver

Once and done. A typical SuperAttic installation can be completed in one or two days, and is a permanent, no-maintenance “green” improvement.

Will the SuperAttic System Work in my Home?

The SuperAttic system helps lots of homeowners save energy and cut utility expenses. But it’s more suitable for some attics than others. To find out if a SuperAttic system makes sense for your house, see how many of the following statements are true:

If more than two of the statements above apply to you and your house, a SuperAttic system could be a smart investment. Contact us for a Free Estimate for attic insulation in Portland, Eugene, Salem, and nearby areas.

Start Saving Energy & Money with a SuperAttic Upgrade
Contact us online or give us a call at 541-485-2282 to schedule a free estimate for SuperAttic home insulation in Eugene, Salem, Hillsboro, Portland, and neighboring areas such as Corvallis, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Keizer, Roseburg, and more. Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver also offers a home energy evaluation to diagnose the areas contributing the most to your home’s high utility costs.

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Super Attic – Attic Insulation System
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Insulating with the Super Attic System

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