R-30 Attic Insulation-Home Changed to R-60 for Best Insulating Performance

Location: Vancouver, WA

Solutions provided:

To help make this Vancouver, WA home more comfortable and energy efficient, sealing and insulating was needed in the attic. It was at an R-30 level, yet code for our area is now R-49, and R-60 is highly suggested.

To make this higher insulation level perform at its best, first the old insulation was removed. This allowed our crew access to seal where there were air leaks. Six lights were covered with can light covers; light fixtures leak a lot of conditioned air from inside the house into the attic.

The crew then blew in our TruSoft™ cellulose insulation to the higher R-60 level. It is made of newsprint and treated with borate so critters do not like to use it as nesting material. The final step was to air seal and insulate the scuttle cover to the attic. All of these steps together have made for a much more comfortable home to live in!

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