Crawl Space Encapsulation Near Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, and Roseburg

Encapsulated crawl space
Sealing the crawl space off from outside air prevents moisture and air quality issues

In the cramped quarters of a crawl space, dirt or gravel floors typically have several things in common. They retain moisture, which creates a health hazard for residents. The damp, dark environment also can damage your wooden support structures and your HVAC system.

Having your crawl space encapsulated will keep the moisture out and create a cleaner, healthier crawl space that also boosts your indoor air quality and translates to energy savings.

This encapsulation system consists of installing a heavy-duty polyethylene vapor barrier, polystyrene insulation, and drainage matting across the ground and up the foundation walls, permanently sealing out ground moisture from the crawl space.

For years, Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver has set the industry standard for crawl space encapsulation in the Western Oregon and Southwest Washington areas.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Maintains a Dry Crawl Space
  • Helps Prevent Mold
  • Helps Prevent Wood Rot
  • Crawl Space is Cleaner and More Pleasant to Enter
  • Makes Home More Attractive to Buyers
  • Improves Energy Efficiency

Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver Will Dry Your Crawl Space

Installing TerraBlock™ insulation on a crawl space floor
Top performance. Covering the crawl space floor with TerraBlock™ insulation creates a durable thermal and moisture barrier.

To ensure that the crawl space encapsulation material is installed properly, it must be done by proven professionals like our crews from Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. Improper installation procedures can lead to serious consequences that affect the functionality of your crawl space.

When you let us take care of the encapsulation, we’ll send our trained technicians to handle the project. We’ll also use the latest encapsulation equipment and products to ensure that the entire procedure is completed quickly and efficiently.

Trust Your Crawl Space Encapsulation Needs to Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver

When you are ready to make your home more energy-efficient with crawl space encapsulation, you need to rely on the experts from Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver. Our crawl space solutions set the standard for homeowners in Western Oregon, Southwest Washington and its surrounding communities. Contact us online or give us a call at 541-485-2282 for a free estimate or to learn more about additional ways to improve the indoor comfort of your home.

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