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Home Now Warmer in Winter with Crawl Space Insulation

crawl space without insulation

Location: SE Portland, OR

Solutions Provided:

This homeowner in SE Portland, OR wanted to be more comfortable in his home in the winter and needed to find a company to help him determine the best solutions.


After doing research and finding our company on the Home Advisor website, he called for an appointment.

After meeting with the owner to discuss what he was hoping to accomplish, our energy consultant suited up and crawled under the home to see what was going on that was making this home cold in the winter. No insulation, that’s what! (see photo)

The owner chose a better and longer-term solution of having the underfloor spray-foamed with three inches of closed-cell spray foam. It fills in air gaps (versus fiberglass batting that does not, and will eventually sag and not do much insulating) and animals do not use it as nesting material (as they would with fiberglass).


crawl space without insulation