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Attic Above Guest Room in Home Near Sorely Needing Insulation

attic without insulation

Location: Westfir, OR

Solutions Provided:

After being in this home for about a year, the couple wanted their guest room to be more comfortable for friends and relatives staying there.


After finding Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver on the internet and seeing our reviews, they called for an appointment. Our Energy Consultant suited up and investigated the attic. Besides the attic needing to be air sealed where the conditioned air was leaking through from the guest room below, there was hardly any insulation in the attic (see photo).

Our expert insulation team started by removing the old insulation. This then gave them access to the attic floor so they could use foam to seal all the penetration areas.

The couple chose to have the TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose added to the higher R-60 insulating level to make the guest room as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.


attic without insulation