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Attic Insulation Home Makes for More Comfortable Living Space

attic needing insulation

Location: Roseburg, OR

Solutions Provided:

The owners were not comfortable in their Roseburg, OR home; since it is a smaller home, it was even more noticeable as there are no other places in the home where it was comfortable.


After doing research and finding our company on Home Advisor, they called to set up an appointment. Once our energy consultant met with them, he then climbed in to the attic. No wonder their home was not comfortable—there was not a lot of attic insulation! (see photo)

Our insulation team started with air sealing all the places where conditioned air was leaking from the home into the attic. The biggest issue were the nine lights; our team covered each light with a can light cover and then sealed them to the attic floor (see photo). Then, TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose insulation was added.