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Attic Needing Much More Insulation to Keep Family Warm

attic needing insulation

Location: Hubbard, OR

Solutions Provided:

This family near Hubbard, OR had been living in this house for a full year and wanted to be more comfortable and warm in their own home.


After finding our company on Home Advisor, they called to set up an appointment. Their thought was that the crawl space was needing insulation. Our energy consultant investigated both the crawl space and the attic. Both were needing insulation, but at this particular house, it made more sense to start with the attic for the family to get the most benefit for the amount they were able to spend.

Our insulation crew started by vacuuming out the old insulation so they could get at the places where air was leaking into the attic from their home below. These were sealed with foam, and then TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose was added to the attic deck.

This creates a snug “blanket” in the attic so that air they paid to heat was no longer flowing quickly from the home into the attic. This family is now more comfortable and warm in their own home!


attic needing insulation