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Home Prepared for Sale by Addressing Issues in Crawl Space

moisture and mold under home

Location: Brush Prairie, WA

Solutions provided:

The home inspector let the owner of this home near Brush Prairie, WA know that there were issues under the home that should be addressed before listing the house for sale.


Our energy consultant crawled under the home and saw what the inspector had told the owner—moisture causing mold growth (see photo), and insulation hanging down (see photo). The vapor barrier was also old, dirty, and torn.

The source of the moisture was easy to see—the dryer vent (see photo) was not attached anymore! To solve all these issues, our insulation team applied Mold-X to neutralize the mold and keep it from growing. They then replaced the underfloor insulation where it was damaged, and used twine to re-attach insulation where it was not damaged and just needed to be snug up against the underfloor.

Our crew also removed the old dryer vent and installed a new rigid metal dryer vent. The last item was to remove the old vapor barrier and replace it with a new 6-mil black plastic vapor barrier.

The owner was then able to list the home, and it sold quickly.


moisture and mold under home
moisture and mold under home
moisture and mold under home