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Homeowner Wants to Fix Attic Insulation

trampled insulation

Location: Otis, OR

Solutions Provided:

This owner had work done in the attic and thought the attic insulation had been trampled down in places so wanted to fix this.


After researching online to find someone that came to his area near Otis, Oregon, he found us on Home Advisor and contacted us for an appointment.

Our energy consultant did his thorough attic inspection and found many, many areas of the attic that didn’t even have insulation!

The owner had also mentioned to us he wanted to have his home be more energy efficient. With the lack of attic insulation, plus can lights and other places that were leaking air up into the attic, we knew exactly what to do to fix the issues.

Our insulation crew started by removing all the existing insulation. This gives our crew access to the can lights to install TiteShell covers over them and to seal up all the accessible penetrations in the attic so that air he is paying to heat in his home doesn’t leak up into the attic.

Our crew then blew in TruSoft™ cellulose to the higher R-60 value (minimum Energy Star requirements are R-49) to put that nice, thick, animal-resistant, and flame-retardant “blanket” in their attic.

All these solutions together make a big difference!


trampled insulation