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Messy and Leaky Attic Now Sealed and Properly Insulated

Attic with messy insulation

Location: Gladstone, OR

Solutions provided:

This couple just bought this home. When he went up in the attic with their electrician, he saw it was a mess. He was going to add in insulation himself but then realized he better call a professional to see what needs to be done.


In doing internet research, they found us online and sent in a request. Our office called them to schedule an appointment for that week. Our trained energy consultant met with them to discuss what they had been experiencing in their new home, and what they were hoping to accomplish. He then suited up and climbed into the attic and found the mess the owners knew was there. (see photo)

To help make rooms warmer in the winter, our crew started by removing all the old insulation. This then made it easier for the electrician to do work (their original reason for going up in the attic!). Once that work was done, our crew returned and air sealed the leaky areas. TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose insulation was blown in to the R-38 level.

The owners were pleased with our crew and with the warmer house they now have!


attic with very messy insulation