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Mold Growth Neutralized Under Home

mold under home

Location: Springfield, OR

Solutions provided:

There had been a plumbing leak going on for a while (unbeknownst to the owner) under this Springfield, OR home and now that it was repaired, he needed new insulation.


Since he wanted to protect his home, he decided to find a company that could re-insulate under his home and deal with the mold growth.

After finding us in an online search, he called for an appointment. After our energy consultant talked with the owner, he suited up in protective gear and crawled into the crawl space. It was a mess from the plumbing leak! Insulation was not attached, the vapor barrier was a mess and scrunched up, and when he moved some insulation to see what was going on, he saw that the plumbing leak had made the air so moist that mold was growing! (see photo)

Our first steps were to remove all the old insulation so our crew could get at the wooden joists where the mold was growing. They then applied Mold-X2 to neutralize the mold and stop it from spreading. Our spray foam crew then applied two inches of closed- cell spray foam to the underfloor to seal up gaps and make a nice, more permanent insulation layer under his home. The last step was to remove the old vapor barrier and lay down a new 6-mil black plastic vapor barrier.

The owner and his family are no longer breathing in the mold from under their home.


Mold growing under home