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Water Controlled Under Home with Crawl Space Encapsulation

water under home

Location: Tigard, OR

Solutions provided:

The owner of this home in Tigard, OR knew there were water issues in the crawl space but did not know how extensive or what should be done about it.


He met us at our booth at a Portland home and garden show and set up an appointment for one of our energy consultants to meet with him.

Our consultant suited up in protective gear to investigate this crawl space, and he was glad he did! There was a lot of water, a muddy mess, and definite evidence of recent rodent activity in the crawl space (see photos).

To solve all these issues, he chose the crawl space encapsulation system to seal the crawl space and work to keep the critters and moisture out. It also reduces the relative humidity to under the level where mold likes to grow.

Our crawl space encapsulation crew started by removing all the old, ineffective fiberglass, plus the very dirty vapor barrier. The low point under the home was located and a hole dug for the sump pump. The crew then laid out the special liners that made up the new floor for this crawl space. The foundation walls were spray foamed with closed-cell spray foam. The sump pump and a dehumidifier were installed.

With all of these steps now in place, the water is controlled under this home, and the critters won’t have access like they used to!


water under home