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Air Quality in Home Improved, Plus Floors Now Warmer

insulated crawl space

Solutions Provided

This owner worked with us to solve two issues: mold and cold floors. She didn’t know there was mold growing, but she did know the air quality inside her home was not good as it smelled weird.

About 50% of the air she was breathing in her home (it’s a one-story house) was coming from the moldy crawl space!

Our insulation crew started by dealing with the crawl space mold: Mold-X was applied to neutralize the mold and discourage it from re-growing. They then applied three inches of closed-cell spray foam to the underfloor. The spray foam seals cracks and crevices so the air cannot flow into the house and make the floors cold. It also surpasses fiberglass batts—critters like to nest in fiberglass, but cannot in spray foam.

She tells us her home does not smell anymore!