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Blown-In Cellulose Insulation Plus Air-Sealing Reduces House Temperature in Sweltering August Heat Dallas, OR 97338

blown in cellulose

Solutions Provided

These homeowners knew the attic had a few inches of blown-in insulation, and they wanted to know what could be done to make their home more comfortable to live in, especially in the winter months.

When our energy consultant climbed into the attic and placed our measuring tool in the attic (see BEFORE photo), there was hardly 4 inches in the attic! No wonder they were cold. And the attic had not been sealed on the attic deck where there are lots of places air leaks.

Our insulation crew experts first removed all the old insulation so they could get to the attic deck. The leaky areas were sealed with foam (a step that often is left out by builders, yet is critical to your comfort), and then the attic was blown to the higher R-60 level. The air sealing plus the high level of cellulose instantly made a difference in the temperature of their home. They are looking forward to lower electric bills.