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Crawl Space Encapsulation Now Deters Nutria Under Eugene, OR Home

Crawl Space Encapsulation


These homeowners had a horrible nutria problem under their home! Animals were chewing through wires.


A friend referred them to our company, so they called to schedule an evaluation. Our Energy Consultant found a mess under their home (see two photos). Insulation was ripped down, and the ductwork was damaged.

Nutria under a house was a new one to us—it’s normally cats, rats, and raccoons. For any of these critters, a crawl space encapsulation is the best solution to help keep them from returning to live under your home.

Our crew started by removing all the fiberglass. It wasn’t doing any insulating! Also, it had caused mold to grow, so the crew treated it with MoldX-2. The family was having allergy issues, and it may have been due to the mold they were breathing in their home that came in from the crawl space.

Encapsulation consists of a heavy-duty 3-layer moisture barrier between the earth and your crawl space. The vents are sealed, the foundation walls are spray-foamed, and a Sedona dehumidifier is installed.

Now the human family has a healthier home, and the nutria family will have a very difficult time finding more wires to chew through!