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Duct Work Insulated (With Arthritic Cat In Mind)

insulated duct work

Solutions Provided

This Eugene-area resident called us as she needed some insulation under her home replaced. When our Energy Consultant was investigating, he also discovered her duct work in the attic was not insulated and was leaky. Some of the hot air she was paying to heat was not reaching her in her home! (see BEFORE photo)

Since she has a lot of animals, the better option of coating each duct with spray foam was not possible. Having to remove all her animals for a few hours, including the arthritic cat, was going to be a lot of work! Instead, our crew sealed all the connection points on the ducts with mastic and then wrapped each duct with vinyl-backed ducting insulation. (see AFTER photo)

The homeowner was thankful for our work and for our care regarding her animals.