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Family No Longer Cold In Winter—Attic Now Properly Insulated

insufficient insulation

Location: Roseburg, OR


This Roseburg, OR homeowner’s power bills were through the roof, even though this house was built a few years ago. To add insult to that, they were still cold in their house!


After finding our website online, they scheduled an evaluation. Our inspector found many places where there was hardly any insulation. See photo 1—you want at LEAST an R-38 level (which for fiberglass should be 15 inches) yet it was only a few inches in some areas.

Another reason this attic was not keeping the home comfortable is because it was not air-sealed where the leaks were. Our crew started by removing the existing insulation; they then had access to air-seal with ZypFoam (photo 2).

Two different insulating materials were used here: 1) blown-in cellulose insulation (photo 3), and 2) closed-cell spray foam insulation (photo 4).

All these solutions together made for a much more comfortable home for this family.