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Fixing Problems That Worsened Over the Years

insufficient insulation

Location: Eugene, OR

May 10, 2021


Four years ago, we went to this Eugene-area house to look at the attic; at the time, the owner was not ready to move forward with the project. Since then, his attic has become a bigger problem. The homeowner noticed an increase in rodents and in energy costs. He was ready to have us fix his home.


The insulation was barely covering the whole attic and only had an R-value of 9, which is barely enough to do anything (photo 1). Many older houses are just like this one.

Our crew removed the old, damaged insulation (see photo 2 for in progress photo) and then air-sealed attic leaks with ZypFoam attic where air escapes from the house into the attic. We then covered the attic floor with blown-in cellulose insulation to the R-49 level, creating an “attic blanket” to keep the house warmer come next winter (photo 3).