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Home Near Estacada, OR More Comfortable to Live in Since Attic Insulated and Air-Sealed

cellulose to the R-49 level

Solutions Provided

While in the process of doing a home remodel, this homeowner near Estacada, OR discovered the attic didn’t have much insulation (see BEFORE photo). To help make his home much more comfortable to live in, our crew first vacuumed out the old insulation with a very long and fat hose attached to a giant vacuum located outside fitted with giant filter bags. The crew can then see where to air-seal the leaks and where to install the seven can light covers (lights cut in to the attic floor are a big source of air leaking from the home to the outside). To re-insulate, our crew blew in cellulose to the R-49 level. All these solutions together will make for a much more comfortable home!