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Inefficient, Smelly Crawl Space Upgraded to Encapsulation

encapsulated crawl space

Solutions Provided

This homeowner knew there were issues under her home with the insulation, and her house smelled bad from the crawl space. She called us when a co-worker referred her to us.

Our energy consultant suited up in protective gear and crawled under her home. He found an incredible mess under there! Fiberglass insulation was hanging down everywhere (see BEFORE photo), plus there was clear evidence of mice living under the house. Since about 50% of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes from the crawl space, no wonder her house smelled!

To start, our trained encapsulation crew removed all the old insulation. The crew says it really was an incredible mess! They then installed the many layers on the ground that create a very thick barrier between the ground and the crawl space. The foundation walls were sealed with closed-cell spray foam (see AFTER photo). A dehumidifier was also installed to keep the relative humidity under the 75% relative humidity level where mold loves to grab hold and grow.

With her new re-vamped crawl space, the critters will have a hard time getting under there, plus there’s now no fiberglass for them to nest in. The air in her home is much healthier to breathe, plus her floors are now warmer.