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Lebanon, OR Homeowner Now More Comfortable After Attic Re-Insulated

flir image

Location: Lebanon, OR


This Lebanon, OR homeowner knew the attic needed insulation, found our company in her online search, and contacted us for an evaluation appointment. She wanted to make her home more comfortable to live in.


Our consultant investigated the attic. He used his FLIR thermal imaging camera to show her how the ducts were losing heat into the attic (rather than heating her house!)—see FLIR photo. The red color shows where hot air was leaking out.

Also, the attic didn’t have any insulation (see “Attic—Before” photo). It was not sealed against leaks from the house below, so much of the air she paid to heat easily escaped into the attic.

Our crew air-sealed the leaks with ZypFoam and then blew in cellulose insulation to the higher R-60 level. This covered the ductwork, too. The owner is now much more comfortable in her home!