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No More High Energy Bills Once Attic Insulated

after spray foamed

Location: Dallas, OR


The high energy bills these owners were experiencing in their Dallas, OR home prompted them to find a contractor that could assist them.


They found us online and booked an appointment. One of the things that distinguishes us from other contractors is that we actually get into the attic to investigate. Photo 1 shows the lack of insulation. Photo 2 shows a duct wrapped with fiberglass, but this never helps much (since fiberglass is not a good insulating material). Photo 3 shows how the fiberglass had come off the ducts. Photo 4 shows a duct not even attached!

Our insulation crew started by removing all the old insulation. This allows us to then air-seal the leaky places. They also covered the ducts in closed-cell spray foam—this won’t fall off!

The last part of the full process is to re-insulate the attic with blown-in cellulose.