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Older Portland, OR Home Now Correctly Insulated

after cellulose


These Portland, OR homeowners found it hard to regulate the temperature in their home that was built over a century ago.


After seeing our online reviews, they called for an appointment. Our consultant found fiberglass insulation just lying about in the attic (photo 1) but it wasn’t doing much. Plus the attic floor was not air-sealed. It explained why they could not keep a steady temperature—air from the house was easily escaping in to their attic!

Our insulation crew removed all the old, ineffective fiberglass insulation. The crew could then get to the attic floor to air-seal it with ZypFoam, plus they foamed the ductwork (photo 2).

The attic was then re-insulated to the higher R-60 value with blown-in cellulose, making this home much more comfortable to live in.