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Rats and Mold in Crawl Space Gone After Closed-Cell Spray Foam Applied

closed-cell spray foam

Solutions Provided

This Eugene, OR homeowner knew there was moldy insulation in the crawl space and was referred to us by a local contractor.

Our energy consultant suited up and got into the crawl space to see what was going on. The insulation was sparse and hanging down (see BEFORE photo), and there was a lot of evidence of rats living in the insulation! Critters love to use fiberglass as nesting material. There was also a plumbing leak that likely contributed to the mold growing in the insulation (the water under the house increased the moisture in the air).

Our insulation crew team started by removing all the old, ineffective fiberglass insulation. To help prevent critters from moving back in, the owner chose the better insulation option of closed-cell spray foam (see AFTER photo). Critters cannot nest in it, it doesn’t sag and fall down, and it seals all those gaps where air from the crawl space can leak in to the home.

When we called after the work was done to check in on what he is experiencing now, he said the spray foam has done a great job!