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Rats, Mold, and Air Quality Issues Tied Together, Addressed with Spray Foam

Spray Foam basement

Location: Adair Village, OR

Solutions provided:

This home near Adair Village had air quality issues in the house and rat issues under the house.

After seeing our crew working at a neighbor’s house, this homeowner called us for an appointment. Air quality issues inside a home can be due to rodents living under the home or from mold growing; about 50% of the air he was breathing on the first floor of his home was coming from the crawl space.

Our Energy Consultant suited up and crawled under the home to see what was going on and how we could best help. Insulation was falling down (see photo), and rodents love to use fiberglass as a nesting material. There was no vapor barrier on the ground, so it was rather moist under there. There was definitely mold growing under this home.

The rat feces and the mold growing were both causing the air quality inside his home to be poor! To help mitigate this, he chose the more permanent solution of closed-cell spray foam. First off, our insulation crew spray Mold-X on the underfloor to kill the mold growing under this home. The prepared the underfloor and the ductwork for spray foam. Our team returned two days later, after the Mold-X had its time to neutralize the mold growth. They spray foamed the ductwork, and also applied a three-inch thick layer to the underfloor. Once they were done, the crew laid down a 6-mil black pastic vapor barrier.

Besides vastly increasing the air quality in this home, he will be warmer in the winter, too!