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Ripped Up Crawl Space Now Well Insulated with Encapsulation Eugene, OR

Insulated Crawl Space

Location: Eugene, OR


When this Eugene, OR homeowner called to book an appointment and told us an animal had gotten under her house and ripped up the insulation, she was not kidding! (see first photo) Critters love fiberglass.


There are a few options for fixing a crawl space, yet the longest-lasting and most effective is the crawl space encapsulation system, which this owner chose.

The insulation team starts by removing all the old, ineffective insulation. And the way it was hanging down, it was quite ineffective! The crawl space walls were sprayed with closed-cell spray foam. Then they installed the 3-step special liner made of dimpled drain matting, a ¾-inch foam mat, and then a durable 20-mil liner on top of it all. A sump pump and a dehumidifier were also installed. The whole crawl space is now a “conditioned” space, and critters will have a very hard time getting in there! Even if they did, there is no more tempting fiberglass to rip down.