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River Road Area Rental Home Has Crawl Space Insulation Replaced With Spray Foam

crawl space spray foamed

Solutions Provided

The insulation under this rental home in the River Road area of Eugene, OR was needing a better solution for the insulation under the home. Animals had been getting in under it and tearing down the fiberglass (see Before photo). When our Energy Consultant suited up and crawled under the home, he found a lot of raccoon droppings besides all the torn down insulation!

The owner chose to have the underfloor spray foamed as a longer-term solution to making this home more energy efficient for renters (see AFTER photo). This seals up air leaks from under the home (about 50% of the air you breathe in the bottom level of your home comes from your crawl space), is a fabulous insulation material, and the raccoon will not be able to nest in it.